“Baronesa is a fresh, delicate, and crystalline Chardonnay that openheartedly
reflects the coastal terroir of northern Chile.”


The Journey

Our team traveled almost 400 kilometers (250 miles) north of Santiago in search of a new expression of Chardonnay typicity for Aristos.. They found the perfect spot for the new addition to the family in the Limarí valley, close to the Fray Jorge National Park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Baronesa is sourced from vines planted on a terrace that overlooks the Pacific Ocean, adding green to the ocher of the semi-desert landscape. Here, Chardonnay once again demonstrates its versatility: A distinctive personality that conveys the properties of its terroir with astonishing purity, like an impressionist painting, where the vines appear and disappear in the mist of the sea.

A Thriving Mineral Character

Baronesa originates from a vineyard at the heart of the Coastal Mountain Range, formed in the Quaternary period. “Its soils correspond to an ancient fractured and porous granite bedrock that regulates water supply and is a source of calcium carbonate,” explains François. This whitish soil and a profuse mist that blankets the vineyards every morning mark the personality of the wine. The grapes ripen unhurriedly, with temperatures not exceeding 24º C during the summer, and render an exceptionally fresh, delicate, and mineral wine.

“It cannot escape its origin, even if we were
to commit the folly of trying. Baronesa represents
the purity of the grape and its place of origin”.


Utmost Delicacy

Aristos’ winemaking objective is to reveal the personality of the grapes through very gentle vinification and thus highlight the notes of orange blossom, white fruits, and minerals. Aged for some 24 months in French oak barrels, Baronesa unveils one of the freshest and most unique faces of Chardonnay. Rooted in these soils that seem drawn with chalk, and pushed by the breeze that blows from the Pacific Ocean, the grape variety expresses freely and with ease, like the murmur of the sea.